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Teleportation is one of the most impressive and useful powers that wizards possess. Many not schooled in the magical arts wonder why mages who possess this power do not use it to make themselves rich. All they would have to do, so the theory goes, is teleport from one port of call to another delivering goods much faster and without the myriad costs and risks involved in transporting goods the conventional way. In truth, there are many reasons why they don't do so. This treasie shall examine each teleportation spell in turn and explain why it is an impractical tool for trade.

The simple Teleport spell is the first -- and thus most common -- spell wizards gain that whould allow him to cross distances suitable for a trading venture. Unfortunatly, the spell also has two severe disadvantages.

The first such disadvantage is that the spell is not completely reliable. Even a wizard intimately familiar with his destination takes a risk that the spell will malfunction. The spell has been known to go "off target" and send the wizard somewhere "near" his destination or even to a place that might be nowhere near his destination, but which closely resembles it. Worse for the aspiring merchant-mage is the fact that the error for being "off target" is proportional to the distance between the point of departure and the desired destination. Thats a definate disadvantage for someone seeking to bypass long distance trade routes.

The other disadvantage to the spell is that it transports the caster instantaneously with whatever he can carry. This rather severe weight limit prevents the wizard from engaging in any sort of bulk trade. Even the use of strength spells and extradimensional storage devices such as Bags of Holding will not begin to approach the carrying capacity of a cargo ship or a trade caravan.

It is still be possible for a wizard to engage in trade in high value, low bulk luxury goods if he wishes to take the risk of error every time he uses the spell. Indeed, there are those who have been known to trade in gems, spices and other luxury goods in this way, but those willing to do so are few.

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Jan 28, 2023
ok teach me

Jan 28, 2023
This is likely a very old article to the site. For a while, such things as role play of fictional magic was allowed. Things shifted as more serious practitioners arrived, and eventually it became clear that people had a hard time telling the difference between the realistic and fanciful posts. This is one of the fanciful.

Apr 05, 2023
You need a strong clairvoyance in order to do it, you can’t just try to do it you have to be careful there are risks in teleporting.

Apr 29, 2023
Sorry, Sabrina101, no amount of clairvoyant abilities will make teleportation possible. Astral Projection is possible and it's the closest you'll get. You can't will yourself to physically appear in another place. [it contradicts natural law which magick on the physical doesn't do]

Jan 28, 2023
This is complete nonsense. Put down Harry Potter and read an actual book on witchcraft. First red flag, how many times they said ''wizard'' the vast majority of practitioners go by ''witch'' regardless of gender. While a small number of practitioners are reclaiming ''wizard,'' the majority goes by witch. Mage is another term like wizard only a small group of people use. As for the actual claims in this article, they are completely fictitious. Magik on the physical is ruled by nature and does not defy nature. No matter how much you want to believe otherwise, things like physical teleportation is not possible. Magik is an energy and it effects energy fields around us to attract and repel desired changes. The closest thing to teleportation is astral projection or through meditation. It would be spiritual in nature, not physical. And as for why witches do not cast spells to be rich, the main reason is because we know how Real Magik works. You can cast a spell to help you pay off a bill, this charges the energy around you to attract that amount of money. Money will not appear, you have to earn it because that is how life on the physical works. A money spell to win the lottery would increase your odds. However, since odds are so low already, most witches know how useless it would be, and instead, focus their efforts on job spells or savings spells.

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