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Original Post:
by: KJinShadow on Mar 09, 2020

Hi folx, so new here, not much commenting or such yet.

(I'm disabled and have a hard time with physical cards, so I sometimes use digital.)

was wondering if I could get some opinions on something that just happened to me while doing a reading. I had a specific question about a specific person, who is a magical worker. After I turned over two of the five cards, I accidentally closed the app I'm using and lost the reading.

I interpret this two different ways. First, the person has used something to block me. Or, my card of the month was the Seven of Cups, which for me was advice to narrow my focus on some v imp things going on right now, This action could have been a reminder that I need to have my mind elsewhere and not on the distracting thing this reading was about. Which do you think would be a more likely interpretation? I can provide more information if necessary.

Thank you!