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Original Post:
by: kimmiko on Sep 06, 2017

There are many hills and valleys i have come across when it comes to being a teller.

You can't please people. As a teller you are pushed towards the truth. You can't change what you see. No matter how good or horrible your visions are. That being said, i've noticed there were different tragedies that i've gone through to get here today.

The first was acceptance. You have to accept who you are. It wasn't fun when i started to see into other people's lives. It was as though i was looking through their eyes. How do you tell someone what you see? It took me many failed attempts to properly speak to them. People don't like to hear what you have to say about them. Especially if it's not something good. I've lost many friends through this process. For years after, i pretended what i saw in the new people i met weasn't real. I didn't want to lose anymore friends. It worked for a time, but a las, the world of magick beckons me once again.

The second is finding the right divination. Cards, runes, and many other tools are what tellers can use to hone their gifts. For me, i use tarot cards and my eye to look into people's lives. Not many people like tarot. They believe it is an evil craft and you bewitch them to your cards. You draw from them their energy. Of course people who think that way are afraid of magick. It is usually because of their lack of knowledge in tarot or what was taught to them as children. I learned the hard way to not approach people with my divination tool. Not everyone is open or ready to hear their message. The best way is to be patient and let people come your way. A person has to be open willingly to hear what they need to hear.

I can also use the person as a "tool" to guide me through their thoughts, emotions, and actions. I found out later that was where I learned to be a psychic medium. It's a fancy word to say that you can not only tell a person's message to them, but to experience it yourself. You can hear spirits as well as see them. Everyone's gifts differ in those ways. Some can hear, but can not see. Some can sense, but can not get a message. The universe comes back full circle. Sometimes, its not up to you as a teller to get the message.

The last thing i will leave off on for this is readiness. You don't want to have a full plate of other people's needs if you aren't looking after yourself. You need to look after your physical needs like eating, hydration, soical activities (talking to friend), and dealing with your issues. It makes it easier to help others and to not drain yourself. There are days i have to take a step back and take care of myself. It doesn't mean you've lost your abilities to tell when you feel tired or draw a blank. It usually means you need to take care of yourself.

I hope this has helped old and new tellers.