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Original Post:
by: Nekoshema on Aug 09, 2015

Hi, so there's a question that's been on my mind for a while and I would like people's opinion. About 5 years ago my mom got me a deck of Dragon tarot and Dragon Oracle cards for Yule. I use them both and really like them but I'm more drawn to the oracle cards. Some time ago I was trying to find a book on my Dragon Oracle cards because I want to get better at them and I came across a review where someone said they weren't oracle cards, instead it was just the Major Arcana simply renamed [like The Fool is The Seeker, The Lovers is simply Love, The Moon is The Lunar Dragon and so on] they work really well for me [and I actually read reverse meaning which I know many Oracle readers do not] but would you say this would be an Oracle deck or just a tarot knockoff? I'd probably still use these cards but I do want to learn more about oracle cards so I'm curious. Thanks everyone ^_^