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Original Post:
by: Forgetful_1 on Apr 22, 2014

Can anyone tell me what all this means? Please? It didn't copy and paste well...

Page of Pentacles (reversed) The self
Card:Page of Pentacles (reversed) - An introverted child.
Card:4 of Cups - Emotional stagnation and boredom.
Card:The Lovers (reversed) - Denotes adultery, sex without love and relationship problems.

3 of Pentacles What is closest
Card:3 of Pentacles - Effort will be awarded shortly.
Card:Ace of Cups - Joy, happiness, love, friendship.
Card:2 of Pentacles - Indicates a balancing act.

Queen of Wands (reversed) Hopes and fears
Card:Queen of Wands (reversed) - Unreliable friend or colleague.
Card:The Hermit (reversed) - Indicates immaturity.
Card:4 of Pentacles (reversed) - Greed and a miserly spirit.

2 of Swords What to expect
Card:2 of Swords - Balanced forcecs. Stalemate.
Card:The World (reversed) - Completetion is implied yet delayed.
Card:8 of Pentacles (reversed) - Meaningless toil.

7 of Swords What not to expect
Card:7 of Swords - New ideas, fresh input.
Card:Knight of Swords - A confident articulate young man.
Card:The Hanged Man (reversed) - A warning against selfishness.

Page of Wands Near future
Card:Page of Wands - An intelligent child or teenager.
Card:Temperance (reversed) - Things are out of balance.
Card:The Chariot - Hard work is about to be rewarded.

The Emperor (reversed) Far future
Card:The Emperor (reversed) - Other, more powerful, people are in control of your destiny.
Card:King of Pentacles - A responsible, cautious individual.
Card:The Fool - Take a risk and do not worry what others think.