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Original Post:
by: Tanaquil on Jan 05, 2014

From a very young age I've seen faces (other than my own) in mirrors. It especially happens at night, when it is dark, etc. I avoid looking in mirrors at night and in dark because sometimes I have caught sight of a luminous shadowy face. If that makes sense. It frightens me a lot. A couple of them seemed to be trying to communicate with me which I fled from.
I am very afraid. I had a couple spiritual experiences as an adolescent that were kind of aggressive (something hovering over my chest/heart and making it hard for me to "breath", things like that). I believe that those spirits have been cast out but they really scarred my perception.

I'm not very sure about scrying (my fear is holding me back) but if I look into a glass or water I am sure something will come. How should I prepare myself? Any words or advice?

Thanks so much.