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Original Post:
by: Azbellia on Jul 20, 2023

Name of spell: Spectral Delight Day End Broadcast

Take 1 quantity myrrh for every 13 amount of frankincense and mix with oil (olive oil and/or almond oil) and apply to broom.

Take 1 quantity of coriander, 1 of same quantity of bay leaf and 16 of that quantity of curry leaf and place in cauldron. For best results, rinse and allow ingredients to dry, before adding ingredients to cauldron.

Look to the left of the cauldron while raising your right hand and press your right thumb to your right index finger, press your right index finger to right middle finger and then press your right middle finger to the right little finger. If you are having difficulty doing this play with your left thumb and left middle finger until you can manage to do this. Breath in. Blow out your mouth onto the cauldron.

Visualize a crescent moon, and a log of wood. Place your left hand over the cauldron, and imagine blue; while touching your right thumb together with right middle finger.

Imagine a full moon. Imagine a cabinet. If you are having difficulty imagining the cabinet, you can visualize gold and silver to aid your imagining of the cabinet.

Now grab the broom and wave it over the cauldron while touching the pole-end with right hand and the middle of pole with left hand. Imagine wood connecting with metal and say "stave". Now imagine a frog.

That is all that is required for this spell. Once you get a sense for this spell you can astral travel easier.

I feel that this is an incomplete spell, because without finesse or a grand message, it doesn't accomplish what I feel it is capable of. Aim for the stars.