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Original Post:
by: ZaraReeves on Jun 23, 2017


I need help with a spell to banish all ghosts from a home, to also prevent any spirits from entering again. I cannot use any aromatics, such as burning sage.

The background here is I recently moved to Malaysia with my fiance so we could be with his family. We live with his parents, aunt, and grandmother until our new condo is finished in a few more months. His aunt claims to see spirits almost daily. I did not hold an opinion on her ability until recently. This ability is causing tension between us now because she absolutely will not step foot near my room. If I ask her for anything, she makes a very big deal out of it and will not speak to me for days. She tells my fiance it is because of the spirits in our room.

I cannot burn anything in the house because his father will be very angry if anyone mentions spiritual things of any kind. I would normally burn sage and then sprinkle salt at each door, but as you can see sage is no longer an option. Another option I considered was charming a necklace she always wears. I do not wish to expose my practice to his family, so I thought to charm it while she bathed. Unfortunately, she locks her bedroom door while she bathes and that prevents me from charming her necklace.

Any advice is much appreciated. I wish to maintain a good relationship with all of his family members. Uninvited guests, like spirits, only harm my wishes.

Thank you so much for any advice!