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Original Post:
by: trelozzz on Nov 15, 2016

I have this idea for a spell quite some time now. Its popping up all the time in my head and i feel very connected to this... I know its an idea but i get these visions about it.... Problem is i am a terrible spell writer might have to do with the fact that i am dyslectic but i am not sure. When i cast a spell i have written it cause completely wrong. It even snowed once during SEPTEMBER!!??? right after i tried out the spell i wrote. Anyway, the idea is that every person has two sides inside him that live harmonically inside and shift energies. From happy to sad and angry and the other way around. But the idea of the spell is to fully awoke the tow sides and allow them to have both full power. That should allow the person two have abilities and powers far grater than what he did. Of course this is very dangerous cause it could make you unable to control yourself if not well prepared. I have seen in my vision a sigil like draw-like of two three people one in center and two on its side. This is either a tattoo or a handmade necklase and is used to activate the spell and deactivating it... Do you think something like this is possible? I believe it is.... Does anyone want to work together so we can achieve something like that?