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Original Post:
by: MissAdaleigh on Sep 21, 2016

One of my mice somehow managed to escape from its cage (I managed to catch it) but there's absolutely no way it could have gotten out. All of the pieces are securely in place, the door is closed, the wires are all in place and there are no holes, yet it somehow managed to get out.

I am legitimately positive that the ghost here let it out because there's no other way. The ghost also does other things like say our names in the middle of the night and steal our food and drinks. I'm going to try to have a conversation with it and ask it nicely not to eat our food or let my pets out. Whether it listens to me or not is anyone's guess.

Does anyone know anything that can help me with this situation?

I only moved into this house a bit over two months ago. The ghost hasn't been unfriendly or violent, just disrespectful and an inconvenience.