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Original Post:
by: Mblan18 on Jun 25, 2016

I have been with my boyfriend for awhile now & his family is Unbearable. His home life is very toxic. They steal his money & personal belongings, verbally abuse him & many other things. The biggest issue is that they always have a problem with me. At this point they are blaming me for burn marks on his little brother body even though i obviously was no where near him. His evil sister was actually behind it but always get her way even though there is proof & she even admitted it to my boyfriend & i. They are stressing us both out to the point we think about mutually breaking up. Even with A break up my boyfriens will still be stuck in that horrible house. I need some spells to 1. bring peace to his house 2. Get his parents to believe me & trust me 3. & to do something about about that devil he calls a sister (not asking to harm her)