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Original Post:
by: Simpkins on Apr 29, 2016

I have a question, Recently I got out of a relationship. He had no empathy for my emotions and would blame me for overreacting when he would lie to me. his justification for lying to me was that "hiding the truth" or "leaving out bits of the truth" is not lying. I don't want to curse him or place a hex on him. I do want him to realize the err of his ways and apologies to me. he had a past relationship with a woman who is now one of his very close friends. he hid that from me for the first year and a half of our relationship, I slowly found out the truth over the next year. he would only tell me a small piece and just when I would come to terms with the "truth" I'd learn there was still more to it. This ex of his is just his friend (who treated him horribly when they dated!), I fully believe that there is no longer any romance, but he still lied to me about the past and I lost my trust for him. he would cancel plans to spend time with her. he always put his friendship with her before our relationship and he broke my heart. I asked him to chose to put me first (I honestly wanted to ask him to end his friendship with her, but I am not that cruel..) he chose her. he is still Claiming that I was overreacting. but how was I supposed to feel when the man I loved had repeatedly lied to me!? Well, I felt pretty dang uncomfortable and worthless! all I ever wanted was for him to be honest, to put me first, and to value me, my feelings, and our relationship more than the friendship of his ex. he said he "hid the truth to protect my feelings" but if he had been honest with me from the beginning we never would have had these issues. I just want him to understand things from my point of view, I want him to apologize, and admit that he was wrong. He isn't a bad person, but he is void of emotion and has no clue how to express emotion or put himself in someone else's shoes. I want him to experience what I am feeling and grow from it. He truly has potential, but something is holding him back from being whole. if he where to admit his wrong doings that would truly help me and hopefully help him too!