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Original Post:
by: CrystalFaye7 on Nov 15, 2015

OK so first,
My magic will not not work. It never really has, Ive tried and still continue to try everything. No use. Maybe I just am not cut out for this life, I'm not sure. Just any spells or suggestions would be SO appreciated .

Next, I am completely and totally forever alone.
I've never had anyone like me (like in a girlfriend boyfriend sorta way) and its getting me down. I've contemplated killing myself over this way to many times . I've actually tried two times with no success. I know I shouldn't put so much value on a boyfriend (I'm a girl BTW) but it kinda was one of those things I could never have that I really wanted. Just please if anyone could help me. I've tried everything with this too. Changing my personality, my mannerisms, my dress, EVERYTHING! help much needed