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Original Post:
by: versinojos on Nov 18, 2014

Hello all, i've been thinking about this topic for a while and I would like to know if anyone has resources on this. I believe that science and magick are one and the same. Magick is simply a few steps ahead.

With this thought in mind, I know we all have regrets. It's human, I have them, you have them, we all have them and there is no use denying it. Now i'm told time and time again to move past my regrets but out of arguments sake humor me here.

In the theory (and soon to be well recognised fact) of parallel realities it is stated that for every decision ever made and every possibility that can be imagined exists, with this in mind I correlated with the basis of quantum mechanics which states that, again, 'theoretically' waves can pass through said realities. This is from what science can tell me.

Now my theory is that time travel is existent for said reasons. I was hoping we could all constructively think of a spell or ritual in which we could invoke the right energy to pass our mind and soul (wave signatures, conciousness) to a vessel in said alternate plane of existence. Not only that but if we were to pinpoint which universe we wish to go to, or more or less, which alterations we'd like made, we could invoke them no?

For example, lets say someone I loved died. In a parallel reality it exists they aren't dead and in full health. I want to be able to invoke said ritual and transfer my mind and soul in wave form across the universes to that reality in the time in which I choose and continue living as if nothing happened.

Any ideas anyone? I remember reading a few articles in relation to a servitor of time that had similar abilities over the augmentation of time. Any ideas?