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Original Post:
by: Cwells6933 on Oct 09, 2014

Ok hello everyone, I'm going to keep my story short because I really need someone's help. Years ago when I was at the age of 17 I was what I thought at the time, in love. My girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me. While going through trouble times I came across a website that had what I guess you can call a spell. At the time I was very depressed from losing her and would try anything. I tried this spell to no avail, I can tell you something did happen though, I felt it happen as if I did a bad thing. The problem is here I am at 28 and I've had nothing but bad luck with women ever since this happened. I never put the two together until recently I thought going through my 20s it was a normal thing to have a lot of girl friends and problems with them. I really think there some type of hex on me and I'd like for someone to help me. I don't remember the exact spell but I know it did include a green candle, white candle, red candle a picture of the person and something else. Has anyone ever heard of this or possible know of anyway to get rid of this thing that lingers on.