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Original Post:
by: Rexais on Sep 13, 2014

HI, I'm a novice with and I practice solitary, so this is my first time reaching out to the wider community, because I need help with a cleansing spell.

My Dad died recently and I'm now sleeping in the room he basically died in. (Officially he died in the hospital, but he would have died here had the ambulance crew not revived him.) Since then, I've felt his presence in this room quite a bit. Sometimes I can't sleep and it's... y'know. I want to sleep.

So I've been looking up cleansing rituals but they all sound a bit... impersonal? I don't feel that this energy is negative but it is constant.

I was thinking of making my own cleansing ritual but I'm not sure how to go about it (I've never made my own spell before) and I want to do it right. I was thinking of "smudging" with lavender from his grave and burning three white candles for, you know, life/death/rebirth but... mm. I'm just not sure. It's important to me that I don't banish anything! Just, if possible, quiet down his presence so that I can get some rest.