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Original Post:
by: Mouseinlife on Jul 14, 2014

This is an idea for a spell that I know works and want to post
Things you will need: A flower, paper, string, flame, salt, water, a red pen/marker, and a quiet place

How it works: this is made for a friend and tested on classmates

Write on the paper the names of the two people you want to bring together, then draw an image of something each of them likes, and have a line binding them, wrap it around the flower stem (if there isn't a stem keep it under the bud) then tie them together by the string, sprinkle salt over the flower top, and whisper in a quite tone almost non existent:"If one likes the other and hasn't done anything may the other fall under their charm , two souls bound for love, kept together by a string, personalities differen, pure love like salt, morphable like water (put a drop of water on the flower), may their love be kindled like a flame, for as long as one likes the other, or shall it die like a bug being crushed" then set it on fire, when it's completely charred throw it outside where it won't be messed with.