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Original Post:
by: high_priest on May 24, 2014

Heka Heka or Hika is "magick" in egyptian it is also Egyptian magick. Most European and Western originate from Egypt. Egypt was known as "Cradle of Magick" Another word for magical powers was 'akhu', this is sometimes translated as meaning 'enchantments, sorcery or spells'. Everything in creation possess Heka to a certain degree. The more Heka you have the greater the ability to preform magick. In ancient Egypt the more scrolls you had and you read them the more Heka you had. The Types of magic in the Ancient Egypt culture:

  • Magick that is written

  • Magick that is spoken

  • Sympathetic magick

  • Amulets

Written magick is writing on a peace of papyrus and burned,destroyed or even carry. Spoken magick was words of power and sometimes the true names of things. Sympathetic magick was sometimes the names of the enemies of the state were written on red pots or even images and broken in the public. Amulets were made with metal and stones,gems and other things.

-Sting: usually red or black it was used to bind,to block out or immobilize something there was red,white,blue and many more colors were also used.

-cloth: the Egyptian used linen but cotton oversees linen cause true linen is very hard to find and would be expensive.

-papyrus: yes this was also used but to find true papyrus can be hard and costly. You can use parchment paper or resume paper when destroying or burning.

-Wax: wax was used but Egyptians used beeswax. Red candles was used in banishing spells.

-Natron: was also used its a white powder it consists of:

  • table salt
  • baking soda

The natron used in Egypt used Two other ingredients:

  • Soda ash
  • Glauber's salt

Natron was is used for is purify yourself and your magickal space.

natron water is sprinkled on yourself and was used and stil is in funeral rites. It has practical application healing properties.

-Red pottery: Red pots are used in banishing spells you either throw it on the ground or you can used a object to break it. The Egyptians had no distinction between good,natural and demonic magick like in medieval Europe.

In the Egyptian theology,very few supernatural beings were regarded as truly evil, so invoking them no spiritual danger,neither was there any stigma in worshiping these deities.

The understanding of Ma'at is vital in preforming magick as such those who do Ma'at are able to gain Heka. The Per Ankh was the place where the priests learned their duties,the arts of magick and healing and the concept of Ma'at. The Priests of Sekhmet were considered to be good physicians so were the Priests of Anpu and Khnosu.

Magicians claimed priesthood from various temples. Priests used religious,magickal and medical means its was not uncommon for a physicians to use magickal amulets,a prayer to Netjer and a regular medicine such as a herbal poultice. In Egypt ritual magick rituals was practiced on the behalf of the state for at least 3000 years. Ma'at or Mayet, is the concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice in Kemetism.