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Original Post:
by: User274557 on Jan 29, 2014

Okay, so there is this girl who goes to my high school. She is a sophomore (she is supposed to be a junior). If any of you have ever payed attention to any of my recent posts to various forums, you'll know that my friend and my fellow class mate, Asher is my teacher in the study of magic and witchcraft.

Anyways. This girl's name is Allison. She is an absolute pain and a huge eyesore to be around. She is always very irritating and won't shut up about anything.

(We've tried to silence her multiple times throughout hints and being direct, but to no avail.)

Especially if its a certain topic she likes. Recently she somehow found out Asher practices magic. Upon me hearing this, I was both devastated and angry and I was filled with a lot of negativity. Why?

For one, she never does her research. Like, ever.
Two, we all know she won't shut up about it.
Three, she takes everything too literally and she is always over dramatic.
Four she's claimed to be able to see, speak with and conjure the deceased, even though she hasn't done her research properly..
Five, she could slip something out about Asher and I. And trust me, I don't want that...

(I'm in the "Broom Closet" per-say and only a few people know about it. I don't want a bunch of people knowing just yet. Especially since I live in the bible belt of my state -_-)((No offense to Christians! Asher is one :) ))

So, is there anything I could do? I need you guys to help me! I've already casted a spell to silence her, but I want a back up plan incase it doesn't work. If you know something that could be done, please do not hesitate to respond to this post or mail me! Blessed be and may Odin watch over you!