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Original Post:
by: noman225625 on Jul 13, 2011

Is it possible for us to create a magickal creature which has its own spirite?
I know we may not be powerful enough...just a thought. Here are some thoughts of mine(dont laugh at me, ok?)

If we are to create such a being, we would have to create both the physical body and the spirite of it. Well, maybe not create, but to transform and do something like that. I think maybe if we can capture a livkng soul/spirite from its owner and cleanse it with fire and water while at the same time washing its memories. Then combind it with raw power and allow it to develop itself.
But for the physical part...
1)combinations of herbs and mud?
2)from real corpses?
3)puppet like?
I'm not sure for that part
Then we seal the new soul into the body...

I am aiming at creating a creature which has its own mind and has its way to live in the world and if it can communicate with human, it would be even better