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Original Post:
by: Julie_H on Feb 18, 2021

Hi, I couldn't find a thread about this, so I apologize if there are any.
I made my relationship honey jar week ago, and I've been working with it almost every day. Yesterday I used a tea candle incased in plastic, and left it to burn down. When I came back, it not only burned down completely including plastic it was incased in, but burned down a lid of the honey jar. The wax "seal" that was on the lid is burned out too (wax drops on the glass still there though), and the lid leftovers dropped down on honey.
1. Is this good/bad sign or is it just me being careless?
2. What should I do now? I get the lid leftovers out from the jar. Should I just close the jar with a new lid, or pour the entire content of the jar to a new one, or should I make a brand new honey jar? If I need to make a new one, can I take out the person's hair from the old jar? Because I only have one of this.
Thank you for a help.