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Original Post:
by: Psi_subs on Oct 16, 2020

I'm not entirely into casting spells, or creating rituals but I have a hunch that I need extra help with a situation. I was going to write a house protection spell that includes salt. In our older home we had people try to break in multiple times to the point where my grandma, decided to move to another neighborhood. Since I moved back in with her becuase of the COVID affecting dorms, I've had a bad feeling about intruders. Even though it's a way safer community, and I own self defense weapons i still feel like we need extra. Here are my questions:

Does salt only work for spirits or does it help with home invasions too? What kind of salt if it helps?

Would a certain herb be better to burn in a bonfire than others?

I don't pray to deities but I am open to suggestions on items so that I can write and cast.