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Original Post:
by: Bossou on Sep 27, 2018

Hello everyone! Looking for input regarding freestanding candle (not glass) wax interpretation.

I performed a prosperity ritual on the full moon with a green freestanding pyramid candle along with three small taper support candles. I placed the candles in a baking pan foolishly thinking that it would be sufficiently fire proof or heat resistant. I placed a petition under the candle. The candle burned clean along with the support candles but it burned completely leaving no wax at all just ashes from what remains of the petition. In fact the plate wasn?t quite heat resistant and it left a serious burn mark on my makeshift working altar. I?m not sure how to interpret this. The content of the candles in the petition paper are completely gone and burned away. There is no wax left at all but as I said the heat left a serious burn mark on my working altar. Usually when I utilize freestanding candles there is always a little bit of wax left but not in this case.

I hope that in spite of the burn through the container that this is a positive sign. I burned pyramid candles in the past and they never completely disintegrated or always left a puddle of wax. What does this mean? Thank you for taking the time to respond.