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Original Post:
by: flower1567 on Jul 24, 2018


A loved one started dating an interesting character that everyone finds to be a poor match for him. However, he continues to date this person with a defensive attitude toward all of us and has become a puppet for this person to control endlessly. He has even started acting differently; he is not of his usual goofy/happy temperament and is always tiptoeing around this person's feelings and even letting her disrespect our mother. We are aware that his new partner keeps her period blood in a jar and are convinced she's doing blood magic as she has spoken of being a witch. I've read that is it common to use menstrual blood for love, control, fertility, and attraction and I am wondering if she has performed a spell of some sort on him.
In a matter of months they've decided to move in together in the upcoming months, get married within a year of moving in together, and having children quickly. My family is scared for this to happen because something about the relationship is very wrong (keep in mind we are a VERY open minded family). Is there anything to do to give my loved one clarity or reverse a spell if one has been done of course)? I don't want to get wrapped up in this sort of magic and simply want to make sure my loved one is making these drastic decisions of his own accord and without a mysterious influence. I would love any advice or insight !

Thank you.