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Original Post:
by: GoddessCleo on Nov 18, 2017

Hi everyone I just started a honey jar today to sweeten my ex back to me. When we first met 3 years ago he was the sweetest most romantic man and our relationship felt like a fairytale. The last year have been very stressful for both of us especially him due to work and finances and other issues which resulted in us drifting apart. I became very angry all the time and frustrated because I missed so much how things used to be and to relieve stress he decided to end our relationship. I know that what we have is true love and with all my heart I am hoping that he would forgive how I behaved due to stress and would be sweeter and loving again and return to me. I created the jar and wrote his name 3 times with my name on top of his in on the petition paper. I also put some of his hairs and mine in the petition paper and in the jar. I put some love oil on the petition paper and in the jar. I put a rose quart crystal in the jar along with cinomen sugar and dried lavender. I closed the jar and I am burning a candle on it.

Does anyone know what else I can do to make this more effective and work faster? My intentions are pure and I do not wish to minipulator or control my lover my only wish is for the stress and negativity to be removed and for him to remember our love forgive me and come back. Please help.