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Original Post:
by: Levit on Sep 03, 2017

Firstly, my family is full of bad people on both sides. Specifically, my grandmother has always been evil in her own ways. She ruins lives and takes great pride in it. It got worse during the past 20 years; things my mom dealt with I dealt with but in worse forms and it was a constant attack. Seriously things during my time have been noticeably horrible in comparison to how my poor mom was treated.

When my grandmother moved into their home I was 3. A chicken foot landed on top of their 15 foot skylight. She responded by covering the glass with a sheet. And it went dark from there. Blinds closed, front door closed. Then black out curtains. Then no door open (2 sets of glass doors and full windows provides good light). Then foil over half one glass door set. Then the whole door. Then both rooms with glass doors are covered in foil with the blinds drawn and blackout curtains. And she kept getting new mirrors as time went on.

So, chicken foot curse: takes bad energy, multiplied, then sent back into bad persons life. That's exactly what happened.
But who sent the curse? I don't know how to find out. I do remember always thinking in that house 'I have to get out, I have to ge t out."