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Original Post:
by: User507212 on Aug 09, 2017

To everyone any advice on the voodoo guy I gave a lot of money to, to get back my ex.

the voodoo guy and said I could def get him back if I got the amount of our combined years of birth x 2 which would be near 8 grand and 16 pairs of new womens underwear and 47 x 2 red candles. The money would not be used apparently but just used for the ritual which would take place in a cemetary forest with this guy at night. I'd get back the money apparently. Guess what I don't have such money. he said he can get 4 grand of it. My instinct tells me to run- ant thoughts?

In terms of my ex obviously I reticent of anyone asking me for money now, but I have no knowledge or power to do something by myself. I have a dressed come to me candle? Could I try that but not sure what to do and what to visualise or petition.

Thank you for your help so far