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Original Post:
by: Dentatus2 on May 08, 2017

Right now I am working on an eleven day angel ritual with Lelahel, from the 72 Angels of Magic book. It's a long ritual, and is said to be very powerful and effective. However, I have concerns as to whether my desire will actually work.

Right now, I am trying to get a guy who is most likely straight to notice me (I am a guy). Now, though I believe someone's orientation can change with a bit of magick, I am worried because there seems to be a lot of differing thoughts on what is true and isn't. Now, even worse, this guy has a girlfriend already, which probably makes it more difficult. But an 11 day angel ritual with sigils that have Hebrew written across it? Wouldn't that make the very near impossible seem more possible? What do you guys think?

inb4 "making someone fall in love is unethical," I've heard that already, but morals are subjective so I don't think it's wrong.