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Original Post:
by: Scorpions2 on Dec 19, 2016

So I am trying to do a freezer spell but.. The the person I am trying to freeze is related to someone I am living with.
Is there a way I can tweak the freezer spell?
1) Hid the personal effect(s) inside something small and freeze it in a baggy?
2) If that is possible, can I use a hot pepper/ lemon / lime ?
3) I want the "victim" to stay away from me and my child, to not cause trouble when we have to see each other and to just mind their own lives or be up to their necks with their own problems instead of disturbing me and my child.

Please help this person is a nuisance, I tried being civilized and talked but it seems the person keeps going back to becoming this bat shit crazy nut who just won't stop giving me stress and tension.