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Original Post:
by: babyfireant4 on Dec 17, 2016

Today I was told that there is a difference between a curse and a hex, but aren't they both pretty much have the same intention to cause harm and negativity to someone whether it be physical or just everyday happenings not working out correctly ? I was told they did not feel I've been cursed but definetly Hexed. I will give an example of why I feel this way : My jewelry that I have always taken extreme delicate good care of as most are gifts from my loved ones & have sentimental meaning and some of my not so expensive ones I bought for myself have been just breaking, or tied knots in the chains that I did not do myself and recently I went up to NC for my sisters wedding and I have a special jewelry satchel for travel so my necklaces and bracelets dont get ruined or tangle and we drove so I know when packing the car our luggage was carefully put in by me or my husband, well when we arrived at my moms house who we stayed with for the weekend and I unpacked my luggage I opened my satchel and all of my necklaces were tangled and tied in knots as if someone intentionally did it and other stuff has been happening to us both that is bizarre. I hope someone here can help explain this or give me your thoughts on my misfortunes?
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