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Original Post:
by: Royal_PITA on Sep 20, 2016

Greetings, everyone! I'm new here so I wanted to start by saying hello. I should say I'm new here - but not new to the craft or to casting, by any means.

So I had a weird occurrence and I thought I'd run it by some of you to see if you have any thoughts of what it might mean. I feel like I am too close to this to trust that my intuition would be unbiased, though I don't have any negative feelings about it so that's a good sign, I suppose. Anyway...

During the full moon this past weekend I did a sweet jar spell. The spell was part of an attempt to help persuade someone I love (and who supposedly loves me) to stop being salty and reach out to me. Anyway, one of the ingredients I put in the honey jar was jasmine (in bud form). I had a small ziplock bag of it in my bedroom and after I was done working, I cleaned up all my supplies and everything like I normally do. I cleaned up the jasmine and other ingredients I was using back into their baggies and I tucked them all away in a drawer. The jasmine never left my bedroom. A couple of hours later, I had taken the puppy out for a piddle and came back inside to my drink (which was in the kitchen) and when I took a sip, a jasmine bud ended up in my mouth. Now I offer this disclaimer: While I am a believer in magic and energy work, I also have a very scientific/logical brain, so my first inclination was to try to explain it away. One can only presume that it was in the drink, but not only did I not see it in there (which I'd like to think that I'd notice something floating in my clear drink but who knows) before I took a drink but also - there is no earthly way that I could have "accidentally" dropped that in there. So even if it was in there, I don't know how it got in there and winded up in my mouth.

So if anyone could please offer a bit of insight or has had a similar experience, I'd love to hear it. Any thoughts on the symbolism of this? Could it be a good/bad sign of some sort? Anyone have any ideas of what it might mean? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!