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Original Post:
by: MaidenCrow on Jan 12, 2014

Okay so I asked for newbie section in another thread but I meant newbie forum page. So I guess there isn't one??? I don't know. Anyways I wanted to ask about yet another thing I saw somewhere. Same place as I saw the thing about scourging, but... Sigh. So I read that you have to have a circle open anytime you want to do any sort of thing with any sort of energy, otherwise the energy goes somewhere else(because we all know energy cannot e destroyed-simple laws of physics. Errr.....sciencey.. Things). So is this true? Do you HAVE to have a circle open for everything? While I do admit I like praying within a circle because it makes me feel like there is some sort of spiritual or protective boundary, I an simply lost as to whether normal prayers must be within circles or not.