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Original Post:
by: gipsy on Sep 15, 2011

as i mention in the reply to lithium my niece lily who is 2 yrs old see's talks and plays with spirits at my house i do what i can to protect her i know they are good spirits at my house but i am unsure about my sisters place as her house is less then twelve mth old and rebecca is the verry first tennent,

a couple weeks ago rebecca lily's mum rang to say that lily would not settle and would not leaver her side rebecca said that lily was crying infeer like some one was frightening her i have advised my sister to call archangel michael and ask for protection. i also told rebecca to burn sage. i asked for proction in and around my home and have done the same for all my family what can i do to help them as it hurts to see lily upset and why are there so many spirits are pestering lily she is only 2. when she has enough she calls out to me saying kay help. i then give her a hug and say its rest time or bed time good night everyong waving goodbye to the spirits while keeping lily in my arms or close by me. at the moment it seems to work but i am worried as i know that i am not always around her when it happens how can i protect and teach lily what to do as she is so young but extreemly sensivetive to spirit more then most children in my family. can any one please help