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Original Post:
by: XCrimefight on Jun 17, 2020

This is just a methood and some tips to help boost creativity. I used these tips/methood to help me write blueprints, draw, and help me think of newer ideas with out a huge block. I hope this helps.


Sit in a comfortable area for a few minutes. Take three deep breathes, place your dominant hand on your heart area and say "(Your deity/higher powers name) I ask you to bring me inspiration. So more it be."


  • Exersize, take a walk or lift weights. It's been scientifically proven that exersize boosts creativity.
  • drink pleanty of water, preferably bottled.
  • Eat at least a healthy meal or snack a day, it will help.
  • Listen to music to inspire you.
  • Watch a movie or a documrntary.

I hope this helps! I just wanted to share.