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Original Post:
by: kittyangel on Apr 25, 2018

Hello. A while back I tryed to summon a cat fimilar spell and ever sence I have not quite felt alone. Everytime I go up the stairs or to my room upstairs I get the feeling I'm being watched and I turn around instinctively but no one is their lately it's gotten a bit more distinctive. Also I sometimes see a cat figure in the corner of my eye when my real cat ( myla) is all the way down stairs and then realize that nothing is there. Also my cat does not seem to be phased by the "spirit" Which is surprising because she hates any other animal besides herself even other cats.. anyway am not concerned about getting rid of it quite the opposite actually I want to know exactly what it is and if it is not just my imagination also how to make it comfortable here with me. Got any thoughts
or help please do let me know!