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Original Post:
by: aqausilver on Jun 23, 2015

I have this friend, at times this person misunderstands me, i dunno how. I visited them in the winter, a few states away. I was kinda shy most of the time around new people, and my friend thought i wasnt enjoying myself, also thought i didnt like to leave the house and thought I just sit on my ass all day playing video games or cards. I only did that because I'm someone that sees friends in person a few times a year (no joke) so i wanted to take advantage of the time and play games together at times. We did go out places too; the movies, restaurants, and the mall. I kinda wanna be with them more them more than a friend, but at the same time I dont want to do black magic to force them to date me. We both like the same kind of music, food and games. We also have a similar disposition. What I wanna do is do a notice me spell for them to know I like being adventurous and going out and doing things. All my other friends think I'm really awesome, smart and funny, but this is my only friend that doesn't understand. I know theres the obvious "Tell them" I have. Plenty of times, and its like they're blind to my actions. Is the spell that I have in mind considered black magick?