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Original Post:
by: MissLemons on Oct 23, 2014

So, a while back I bought the "Find Your Place" spell kit from the store on this site (, and I haven't cast it yet. I've never cast a successful spell, and I don't want to waste my money. I also bought Dragon's Blood Ink, Parchment, and Gold and Silver Fairy Glitter.

Other than "just follow the directions," is there any advice anyone has on successful spell casting? Should my area be nice and clean (I'm a disorganized person)? I live on the bottom floor of an apartment next to the street, so traffic is really loud sometimes. Would it be okay to play nature sounds, or some kind of music, and are there any suggestions? The other items I purchased--do you think they'll help? I'm planning to cast on Halloween. That's a good idea, right?

I have LOTS of questions, and any help (here or through mail if you like) would be greatly appreciated! Also, advice on quelling my issues with doubting myself would be helpful. I know having doubts is definitely not helping me at all.