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Original Post:
by: MisterNatal on Aug 18, 2014

2 years ago my friend came back into my life and twisted my mind and mental state of being. He abused my curiosity of Magick and fondness for exploration. Saying things like "I am the son of the devil and a Japanese goddess" and other things which I now find very ridiculous.... I learnt to sense entities like spirits and ghosts. This went on with my naive interests such as before I knew slender man was fake (I was so trusting :7) now I have this paranoia feeling I know is real. I can sense when people and spirits are near and when they are watching me or just standing there. I was wondering if there was a cleansing spell/chant/ritual I could be referred to as I constantly fight all the bad thoughts of that person I try so hard to forgive but can't (I moved away to and they found my new number but stopped texting)