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Original Post:
by: Karlygirl7 on Jan 28, 2014

Hi everyone! I need to know which type of spell I should do for my situation. Recently a wonderful man has come into my life. He is everything I've ever wanted. But he is recently divorced, and has been through a lot with his ex wife (she left him, took kids, money, moved in with another man--and is marrying him). It's been a few months, so I assume moving on would be appropriate now. We click so well, he tells me he is his saving grace, we laugh, and have a great time. Problem is, I feel there is a 'block' so to speak. Maybe it's distrust, or the inability to open up a little more. It's definitely more than a friendship tho, since we are both not seeing anyone else. But I want an official's been 4 months of this "friend zoned love limbo." So I need a little "oomph" spell, get the relationship ball going, get him out of his rut and get the lines of communication going. I suggested being together way too early in the relationship and I know it scared him in the beginning (my mistake--I got a little over zealous) and I'm not suggesting that again!! I know that you're not suppose to do a spell on a particular person, but what if you know it's right, and in all honesty, I really just want our love to grow more.