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Original Post:
by: Phoenixe3 on Jun 13, 2017

I just want to help out beginning enchanters a bit.

Ok, so, first order of business on the enchantment path is knowing what you are getting into. Enchanting objects isn't that easy but it really will help when performing magic in general. The ideal enchanted object should be able to support long-term protective spells without drawing on the user's energy and also be able to essentially help recharge the user's "batteries" - allow them to cast spells without drawing on too much of their own power. Giving the object a name actually will help in the long term by a lot, because objects that you "befriend" the spirit of will help you a lot more.

A basic Enchantment spell that works really well is chanting this incantation while holding your object and focusing your energies on it:

Spirits of the Heavens, Spirits of the seas, spirits of fire and earth listen to my plea; Enchant this object so it helps me; Harness the energies and listen to thee.

Give it a name soon after casting this, and it will really help.

Warning: This spell may mentally and physically exhaust you.

After enchanting it, try and give it some spells to maintain. I uploaded an enchantment method that is great at this link:

I'll post some more about this path soon, but I hope this helps for now! And make sure not to put too much energy into a single enchantment - it's dangerous.