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Original Post:
by: Stavekaster on Jun 01, 2017


Iv'e noticed a few people in the coven and around the site forums asking about where to begin with magic, so I thought it would be fitting to write a guide for those with questions about where to begin in their craft, for this purpose I shall be expanding upon my own electic path to include broader topics.

Most helpful of all I feel is to give an account for the terminology often used in the craft to help clarify what these terms mean and how they apply, as it is with clear understanding of these terms that will help you to distinguish between certain aspects of the craft. Witchcraft is such a vast subject it would not be possible for me to cover everything here, but can if I might help give a basic introduction to those seeking a magickal life. So iv'e decided to simply formulate and illustrate the questions Iv'e seen and been asked by those wishing to start out on their path. I also hope to dispel some of the often misinterpretations that have come about over the years which have flooded into our cinemas and televisions. To all those with these questions I hope this will be useful to you.