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Original Post:
by: mhf on Aug 21, 2016

In past tow months ago i have found something named music magic
And let me tell you everything about this new magic
Music is very powerful and that makes the magic works
You can do this magic in coven or solitary all you need is music instruments
You can use violin or flute or piano or any other how you use this magic it depends on what you wish to come true if you wish bad then you have to work with dangerous or scary or bass nodes and if you wish good then you can work with all nodes what is so good about this magic is when you work with the instruments your emotions automatically will get the goal
You dont have to chant words or words because the music is word and when you work like lets say that you play a mozart on piano you have to think about your goal in your heart and in your soul and the music will get spirtis to your place and that will help alot now remember that this magic is true and it work but dont wish bad things cause that magic is so powerful and may hurt you two.
Thanks for reading