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Original Post:
by: User418375 on Mar 03, 2016

Okay so I've learned about contacting specific entities and basic rites and done some work with a few dieties. However I have been branching more toward the witchcraft approach lately. And from the few 'spells' I've skimmed here, one can simply call forth assistance from the gods and goddesses. Now as far as from what I've learned of magick so far this seems perfectly logical. Yet somehow unbelievable. I recently called for assistance from the gods and goddesses in a remarkably deep (for me) meditation, in which my request was for a vision of the future regarding a certain here-withheld aspect of my life that I needed guidance in approaching. The vision was... stunning. And quite a reasonable and therefore un-thought of conclusion or even point of view. I clearly felt the presence of several, perhaps only two, but definately individual presences, but they were voiceless and faceless; only an eerie presence.

So who are these beings you can simply call forth as gods and godesses?

PS, I put this on general and not spiritual creatures because this is a general topic, I want the opinion of all walks