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Original Post:
by: A_Good_Name on May 21, 2015

My significant other is pretty broken. We are in a long distance relationship, she says I make her a better person, which is true. If it where not for me, she would simply be a bad person. Here is what I do know about how broken she is: she was sexually abused as a young child, she was hurt(mentally) by someone she felt she could trust, she has problems with being pressured which causes physical reactions, she seems to have trust issues(Understandably), she has gone to countless partys and has gotten to the point where she is so drunk that she cannot function, and she is addicted to sex. Her family is also broke. She is a good person at heart, one of the only people I really care about and the only one I trust completely, I want to help her, and exposing her to this religion is not something I want to do, not yet, she can't know unfortunately. If you have an idea go ahead and speak it, I'm open to hear it. Thank you for reading this.