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Original Post:
by: User350963 on Jan 06, 2015

One curios thing i have ventured upon in my reading and studying magick as well as listening to others tell me about their arts, is that painting has not been mentioned, nor is drawing.

Note that when i say painting or drawing, i dont talk about writing or symbols, for instance, i have heard of music being used in magic, the forging or shaping of trinkets, Feng shui, culinary works, numerous spiritual and mental exercises and arts, however once again, where is painting or drawing?

One thing that helps me define what "the cultural arts" are, is that most of these things gives us an emotional reaction. For instance, every person has a painting, a song, a dance, or a food that gives us an emotional raction, some people cry, some people get excited, others can simply marvel at it for hours.

My own ramblings aside, my question remains the same, is there a path or somethign ive not yet heard of that uses drawing or painting as a part of magick?