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Original Post:
by: stardive on Mar 24, 2014

hello everyone. star dive again. I've noticed something recently. I've just started meditating and i have no idea what the right way is. i kinda just improvise and do whatever feels natural. but what i noticed is when i do meditate often when i take a deep breath, once i inhale a mild gust of wind comes, and then when i exhale the wind gets stronger and blows a bit harder. that happens about 87% of the time. but heres where it gets even more interesting this vision keeps coming to my head of a dark forest at night with barren trees everywhere. then when i picture myself meditating there i feel a strange sense of energy i guess is the way to put it. like if i was to go there i would have something happen to me. i definitely envisioned a lot of wind would come when i meditated there. but something more than that..... i guess like something would come to me like some presence in the forest that i never noticed and would only reveal itself if i did that.... maybe its like a vision from a god or something?