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Original Post:
by: xmv on Mar 12, 2014

I was casting a spell for a few consecutive days, and it was working perfectly, exactly as imagined.

But last night, I wasn't in such a good mood. So when I tried to cast the spell, something, or a lot of things, went wrong.

First I just couldn't focus, my mind was full of other things.

Then I couldn't light the candle - it went off because the wick was burned completely. So I put a new candle on top of the old one and tried again.

I again couldn't focus.

I got a tingling sensation in my body that made it even harder to concentrate, I just felt like getting up and moving around, I couldn't focus on the spell but that feeling of restlessness.

Wax of the candle ended up on my finger (didn't hurt though, didn't even feel it, just saw it later) and the chair, which also didn't happen before.

I thought I should finish the spell so I somehow managed to and then went to sleep. I didn't feel so good about it as I did the nights before, but the effects I've gotten during the past few days are still here and actually progressing the way I intended them to.

So the effects did not get any different or worse, but the ritual itself was pretty uncomfortable and even though it's been like 20 hours since that, I don't feel good about it, actually I feel bad.

I'm not sure what should I do now - go on casting again like I was supposed to, or cut it off because of what happened last night?

Also, if I keep casting, should I just get new candles? I think I kind of 'infected' these two with the negative energy I felt yesterday, but I feel a bit uncomfortable with that because they represent the energy I put in during the past nights that I cast.