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Original Post:
by: Stavekaster on Jun 01, 2017

Not going to mention names, but recently had a communications with a member who reported that people had been asking for nude pictures, money and awful things like this.

I am not only disgusted by this, but severly outraged. Never in all my years of being in this community have I heard of such a thing!

This site is probably one of the best things that could have happened to the community and some people want to come here and do things like this.Whoever you are you sicken me to my core, you should be reported and banned from the site. This person was in clear distress and you did nothing but cause them more upset than help.

To all of you in times of desperation, never ever pay for spells, do things to have them cast or even ask another to cast one for you. I have written recently a post on Electic basiscs and will more than help give you a better start. Anyone who is getting mails like this or is being asked lude questions should report this to a moderator straight away.

I would kindly ask people to be vigilant and hopefully you wont need to hear me ranting about it again!