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Original Post:
by: Black.Crow on Nov 16, 2016

It is a given fact that people browse the same websites everyday. And to make your browsing experience faster, sets of data that you will see on every part of the website you go to like the "Logo" of the website, are stored in your local hard drive so the loading of the pages you are visiting will be much faster (this includes Login Information and Profile Pictures as well). But what is constant nowadays? That will be change!

You see. Websites are sometimes being updated on a weekly basis. Some are updated monthly. And with this changes happening, you will definitely encounter problems when browsing the website, especially if there are changes you are implementing in your account! (Like changing your profile picture). Now why is that? Because you have the older sets of information stored on your local hard drive. So what is the First thing to do when you encounter this problem and that often fixes the problem? That will be "Clearing your Browser's Cache." If you do not do that, again it will cause a conflict when browsing the website since your browser first looks into your local hard drive to check if there are information's already stored in there for that website rather than loading what is stored on the websites own server. Other reasons will be that the information stored on the local hard drive and the websites server is the same, thus, your browser will grab what is the fastest to load than what takes awhile to load, and that always comes on your end. That is why it is important to Clear your Browser's Cache! But be careful, if you have stored your login information's in your browser, to make login faster, those information will also be cleared. if the cookies are included in the selection to be cleared.

Though, make sure the format of your picture is compliant with the standards of the website as well. Sometimes the resolution of the image exceeds the standard, which will also cause a conflict. (This includes the Format and Size of the Picture)