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Original Post:
by: changedcynic on May 08, 2014

The fluffing on here can get pretty bad. I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten the truth about why they fluff from a fluffer.

What are they getting out of it?

In all honesty i believe magic is a powerful supernatural force that gives everything meaning. Most people would call that having a religion. So I find it a little offensive that people would go out of their way to fluff, bs, and misinform.

It goes beyond just posting on the forum, where I can see five people jumping down a fluffers throat at a time. They also post nonsensical spells and rituals, ruining what would otherwise be a great concept, and giving a foolish and sometimes unethical face to magic users. Theres no way to even comment that a spell seems bogus.

So I was wondering if people had ideas on what do about them on this site.